Zak Ove Artist & Sculpture
Zak Ove - Artist
King Colobus Blues For Mr Charlie I Red Box Seven African Powers I Black To The Future Black Astronaut Remix Culture Ancestral Gateway Astro Naut The Last Poet Nubian Return The Upsetters Hairy Man Lajabless Doily The Invisible Men Moko Jumbies Moko Jumbies Male Time Tunnel Cultural Time Bomb Exodus Psychedelic Sailor Seven African Powers IV Sailor Lost Souls 3 Lost Souls Time Thief Runcible Spoon Cutting Edge Doily E Strong Man Fancy Sailor 7 African Powers Doily Lost Souls 2 Creature Leap of Faith Chicken Doily Wild Thing Doily Ougo Valee Flights Elephant Walk Doily High Jump High Jump Elephant Walk Lost Souls V Time Thief Eyes Raw White Magic Fish fancy-sailor silhouettes iii African Reptilian Doily Seven African Powers II Blues for Mr Charlie Fancy Sailor Silhouettes Shango Seven African Powers Black Squid in the Hour of Chaos Doily L English Country Garden Lost Souls Majesty Revoked Birdman Jesus On Rollerskates Bird man Of Donkey City Dogon Queen Invisible Man Doily Seven African Powers VII Through The Looking Glass

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